An insight into the world of international marketing with The Baker Company!

How long have you worked on the Baker brand?

We started working with Baker 3 years ago, focusing on the Baker Ruskinn brand. In 2015, Baker Ruskinn launched their InvivO2 range of physiological workstations. Through our in-depth research we got an insight into the world of science and that’s where our love for this sector began!

After completing the Baker Ruskinn InvivO2 launch in 2015, we then started to work on the core Baker brand. Our knowledge of science continued to grow and we then went through the branding process with Baker. Since then, Baker has been part of our daily lives and we wouldn’t have it any other way!   

If you had to pick one Baker project, which would be your favourite?

It’s so hard to pick just one project as my favourite, so I’m going to have to choose two.

The first has to be the new Baker website that will be going live early March. After working with Baker over the last few years, we have always discussed the need to refresh the Baker site. In June last year, we started this process and I cannot wait to see the results in the next few months.

We have taken into consideration all of the market research feedback (both internal and external) and addressed the individual needs of the people we spoke to. The new site brings to life the Baker brand values and shows that they are true pioneers in the field!

My second favourite project has to be the rebrand and launch of CleanAir by Baker. On January 1st 2018, Baker announced the purchase of Clean Air. Clean Air, now recognised as CleanAir by Baker are based in Utrecht, Holland with a very similar facility to Baker’s HQ in Sanford, Maine.

With just 4 weeks to create the CleanAir by Baker brand, get everything in place and launch with internal and external communications (including a brand new website), we certainly didn’t have time to spare in the weeks counting down to Christmas!

We worked with the team in Utrecht to identify all of the elements that were required for the launch and brought each of the items to life within a matter of weeks!

Take a look at the CleanAir website, but be warned it’s all Dutch! (

What do you love most about being the Brand Manager for Baker?

Variety! I love that every hour is completely different. From different target audiences to the range of products and all of the marketing communications that come with each, there’s never an hour that’s the same.

As the Brand Manager, I am responsible for managing the full marketing plan. On a daily basis, I will be in contact with our key publications discussing our media spend, planning social media, creating emails as well as managing trade shows with the Baker Marketing Co-Ordinator, Laura Everhart who is based in the US.

This year, we have a number of new products that we are launching. Being part of the initial conversations, learning the manufacturing process, how the products are built, the products capabilities and knowing that we get to bring everything together in the coming months, is so exciting!

Another element I love is the wide range of people you get to speak to on a weekly basis (most daily and some hourly)!

I finish every week having a call with Samir Patel, the Baker Ruskinn Sales Director, hearing how our tools are being received in the field and discussing what more we can do to support the sales team.