Our rebrand from an MD’s perspective

We love branding. We adore marketing. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ business. Sometimes, we’re so excited and so involved with what we’re working on, we forget about ourselves and never prioritise our own communications! And for that very reason, The Individual Agency has spent the last 3 months working on our stunning new brand as the time is right for us to evolve our own brand. As well as a gorgeous new look, we have also added packaging design to our service offering with a dedicated, knowledgeable team offering a wealth of experience in the field. Whilst we’ve spent many years working on packaging, we’ve never highlighted it as a specific area of the business and now is the time to let it stand on it’s own two feet!

Having set up The Individual Agency 8 years ago because of my love for branding and a desire to create an agency that bypassed the ‘fluff’ and centred on honest, straight talking communication with clients, as MD it’s my responsibility to keep our brand looking wholly relevant. We know our clients as well as they know themselves sometimes because of our constant questions, and digging to get to the core of the business and that’s why our creative is so effective. So, with that in mind, we went back to our core values and challenged ourselves to develop our identity and get across just what it is that makes us different.