Reverse Advent Calendar

This week we are starting our #ReverseAdventCalendar for The Welcome Centre. Each of our #TIAfam will be bringing something in everyday up until January.

Christmas is a time of fun, celebrations and giving, at TIA we want to give back to our community, the people next door to us who need a hand. So, in the spirit of Christmas we have decided this year we will complete an alternative advent calendar.

Starting today, each member of our TIA family will bring in something every day, it can be anything; clothing, kids toys, food or toiletries. For every day in December, we will add one thing each until we have a full box that come January can then be donated to this wonderful Huddersfield-based charity.

We’ve decided to carry on with our #ReverseAdventCalendar throughout December because January is usually the slowest month for charities and we thought that we’ll carry on the tradition of the holidays and keep on giving.

Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays, let the season of generosity and goodwill commence!

Day 1 of our #ReverseAdventCalendar...