TIA is a brand-led marketing, creative, digital and packaging agency that tailors our services to fit your requirements. We work with likeminded people not as many people as we can; volume is not what we’re about. We don’t just build brands we take them to heart; we aim to tell an engaging story that makes sure you are seen as individual as we know you are.

Brand Revelation™

Our 3 step process to discovering how your brand can evolve to deliver future success with it’s own individual story.

Think. Identify. Act. It really is that simple.


We believe to be truly beautiful there needs to be real substance and a story behind everything you see. Whether in print or digital we tell your individual story better than most.


Fully integrated experiences on web, mobile and social, as well as relevant technologies such as chatbots and augmented reality, all make for the most individual storytelling possible.

Ongoing Marketing

Our marketers here at TIA have all worked client side so we know the challenges that come with managing each individual brand. That’s why we can do it for you. Whether you need a short term Marketing Manager, an annual social media plan or PR for one particular project, we can become an individual member of your team for as long as you need us.

Individual Packaging

Packaging that is part of your individual story, that is what we design and work together to produce. No longer a standalone element of a brand, this is the one thing that you can get into people’s hands so we don’t waste time creating something that isn’t as individual as your brand is.