Alys Hardy

Senior Designer

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Earlier in life I was pretty set on being an architect, having both a creative and mathematical brain. I wanted to merge the two, and the logical conclusion I came to was to complete a 7 year degree in something I didn’t know that much about. Life didn’t work out that way, I fell in love with the world of marketing and put my creative talents to use in a Graphic and Communication degree at the University of Leeds. While completing my degree, I fell in love with West Yorkshire as much as I fell in love with design.

I started my career as an in-house designer, gaining experience in various printed materials, however after a year or so I moved on to work in design agencies where I enjoyed working as part of a bigger creative team. In the earlier stages of my career, I was a bit of an agency hopper, working at a variety of print and digital agencies. This allowed me to build up my knowledge of a wide range of software, from After Effects animations, to InDesign brochures, I love the variety of projects I can work on. After moving around for the first 3-4 years of my career, I joined TIA in 2016, and the rest is history! TIA has been a great fit for me as it allows me to work across a variety of accounts as well as working on a huge range of projects; from branding and packaging, to creating great user experiences online. No two days are the same at The Individual Agency.

Alys's thoughts

Because it is their instinct… or at least it is for 95% of the population.