Katie Ryan

Account Director

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I started at TIA as an apprentice and over the past 5 years I’ve grown with the business and now as an Account Director I have my own clients and projects to run. My apprenticeship made me fall in love with marketing and I’ve studied with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), to make sure my theoretical knowledge is as good as my practical skills!

One of my favourite projects has to be the Old Jamaica sampling campaign. We managed the trade sampling campaign targeting key stockists such as Morrisons and Asda. We hired an Ice Cream van and branded it with Old Jamaica for maximum stand out (you really couldn’t miss it!) and visited key cities such as London, Leeds, Manchester and Bradford. As well as managing everything from the samples, branded clothing and the promotional staff, I also got my hands dirty with the sampling, targeting Asda, Co-Op and Morrisons; it’s a great way to hear all feedback first hand! Old Jamaica is an amazing brand to work with, so hearing such positive feedback from consumers in-between the trade sampling was great.

My desktop pic at the minute?  

It’s a photo from our last #TIAfam night out. We are all wearing our branded #TIAFam t-shirts for a night of fun at Jump Arena in Leeds.

Want to see Katie’s pics from Jump Arena? Get in touch at Katie@theindividualagency.com

Katie's thoughts

This week we are starting our #ReverseAdventCalendar for The Welcome Centre.

This week we are starting our #ReverseAdventCalendar for The Welcome Centre. Each of our #TIAfam will be bringing something in everyday up until January.