Keiron Lowe

Head of Digital

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I’ve been building websites ever since I can remember (ok it was since I was 14 but that’s a decade ago & that seems like a life time!). I am primarily a Front-End Developer which means I build the design and pages of a site. I got my first job when I was 18 at a web hosting company in my home town of Grimsby. I moved to Leeds early 2013, joined TIA in the October to set up a Digital Department and I’ve never looked back!

I love the challenge of working with our clients to discover what they want/need from a digital perspective, then developing a relevant website and creating responsive web designs to truly engage a client's target audience.

I work with all of our clients so there’s a wide range of sectors, from gaming to manufacturing, the thrill of delivering great online experiences never gets any less – seeing the story come to life digitally is what gets me out of bed on a morning (not a can of Emerge, honest!).

What websites do I surf when I’m not working?

For my techy news, TheNextWeb and the Verge. For general browsing it would have to be Reddit.

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