Michelle Edgar-Parsons

Managing Director

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I’m a Geordie girl at heart but have lived and worked in Yorkshire for nearly two decades so have a very mixed up accent! Having gone to university in Sheffield to study International Business, I never intended to get into marketing but certain people managed to change my mind quite rapidly (you know who you are!) with their wonderful examples of brands and the impact of understanding your brand can have on your business.

I’ve been blessed to work within the marketing departments of some of the most recognised brands in the UK– Fox’s Biscuits, Morphy Richards and GHD to name a few. However, I have always wanted to work with a wide range of brands in an even wider range of sectors hence setting up The Individual Agency, with an ethos of working with only those brands that are driven to succeed (you’d be amazed how many aren’t!!) and only ever working with one brand in a particular sector.

This ethos means I have to understand an extremely wide range of industries, from drinks and cakes to hypoxic research and bedding, but it means I never get bored and have a new challenge literally every hour of every day. Having just celebrated our 10 year anniversary, we know what we stand for and the type of clients that we can really create something wonderful for… I love what I do and brand planning is definitely a huge part of my life – even on holiday I’ll sit by the pool ‘working’ but it’s not really work when you enjoy it so much.

Who would I compare myself to? Mary Poppins…not the practically perfect bit but trying to keep my two children under control while maintaining a cheery disposition at all times (and I like more than a spoonful of sugar)!

If I wasn’t the Managing Director of TIA, what would my other dream job be?  

I always wanted to be an aerobics instructor on a cruise ship – being paid to see the world while keeping fit, who wouldn’t want to do that?!

Want to talk to Michelle about biscuits and aerobics? Get in touch michelle@theindividualagency.com or 07966 169650.

Michelle's thoughts

Our TIA rebrand from an MD's perspective

We love branding. We adore marketing. We immerse ourselves in our clients’ business. Sometimes, we’re so excited and so involved with what we’re working on, we forget about ourselves and never prioritise our own communications!

Baker Ruskinn, is a global leader and supplier of anaerobic and modified atmosphere solutions for microbiology and tissue/cell culture applications.

Baker Ruskinn, is a global leader and supplier of anaerobic and modified atmosphere solutions for microbiology and tissue/cell culture applications. It's advanced line of anaerobic chambers, physiological workstations and media conditioning solutions help improve research results by providing precisely controlled conditions for anoxic and low-oxygen studies.