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LF Europe & LF Americas


  • Digital
  • Ongoing Marketing
  • Brand Revelation™
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  • Manufacturing
  • Fashion
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  • Retail

LF Europe & LF Americas are part of Li & Fung Limited, a Hong Kong listed multinational company with over 100 years of supply chain expertise. As the world leader in the design, development and sourcing of consumer goods, Li & Fung covers all aspects of the supply chain from product design and production management to quality control and global shipping. They have over 300 offices and distribution centres in over 40 markets with over 15,000 suppliers internationally too.

So, with such a wide and diverse network, what makes LF Europe & LF Americas individual? This was the task that TIA were set and over the past 9 months from Brand Revelation to launch, we have identified just what makes them individual.

They're a global group encompassing many sectors of the trade market but what makes LF Europe & LF Americas unique is that they work As One
A fully responsive site was crucial to LF but more importantly the blog space needed to be a place where true fashionistas would be proud to be published