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Ramsden & Mosley


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The Team

Ramsden & Mosley

From small beginnings in 1975, Trojan Plastics has become one of the largest manufacturers of baths in Europe, with a reputation for manufacturing baths of the highest quality.

From inception, we were involved with the development of their new Ramsden and Mosley range; from name generation and brand concept, to the overseas marketing materials. Throughout manufacture, the balance of quality raw materials, investment and artisan craftsmen resulted in a range of products that are technically superior. It was essential the brand reflected this.

We wanted to create a brand that reflected the heritage of the company and the prestige of the new range of products. TIA perfectly captured that and we were delighted with the results.

David Mosley, Managing Director

Imagery and deliverables

It was essential the product imagery was of the highest quality, so stunning settings were created using CGI technology. These were then used throughout all marketing materials including a brochure and website, designed to be both customer and consumer facing.

We also developed the packaging design, complete with hand drawn illustrations, used to deliver the high-end products to overseas customers.